Rainbow Six Siege's Sugar Fright event introduces Candy War mode & respawn ability

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rainbow Six Siege's Sugar Fright Halloween event starts today, October 27th, and runs for the next two weeks, introducing candy, respawns, and some seriously creepy puppets.

Candy War turns you into a sort of muppet-style puppet and drops you into a new map filled with candy. The new map, Neighbourhood, will only be available during these next two weeks, and introduces a new feature for Rainbow Six Siege: the ability to respawn. You've got to collect enough candy to escape Candy War, but if you're killed in the attempt, your muppet-puppet will just respawn back into the map and carry on hunting.

Ubisoft says ten operators "are getting the nightmare treatment, trading their flesh and blood for fabric and stuffing." IQ is now the Ambitious Puppet, Zofia, the Untamed Puppet, Nomad, the Unwavering Puppet, Capitao, the Commanding Puppet, and Thermite, the Trickster Puppet. These are the Tricksters, who will go up against the Treaters: Frost, the Tireless Puppet, Pulse, the Wistful Puppet, Ela, the Impetuous Puppet, Castle, the Diplomatic Puppet., and Goyo, the Unassuming Puppet.

Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween Sugar Fright event ends on November 10th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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