Operation Flashpoint: Red River DLC Released

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The first piece of DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC) has been released on to the marketplace today. The "Valley of Death" pack adds eight new Fireteam Engagements covering four gameplay types and two locales. There are five new achievements worth a total of 125G.

The Valley of Death Pack features 8 new Fireteam Engagements set across 2 stunning new locales. Fight through the warehouses and factories of a former Soviet manufacturing town on the outskirts of an abandoned Tajik settlement, and carry out operations in a riverside mudbrick village set beneath foreboding hilltop ruins – an intimidating overwatch position. The Valley of Death Pack features 2 new Combat Sweep missions, 2 new CSAR missions, 2 new Last Stand missions and 2 Rolling Thunder missions. Play these new Fireteam Engagements in single player, or stand together in 4 player online co-op play.
Players wanting a sneak peek at the DLC before deciding on a purchase will want to check out yesterday's trailer, or the screenshots released at the start of this month.

The Xbox version of the "Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Valley of Death" DLC costs 560 MSP and is available to download from here.

The Games for Windows LIVE version of the "Valley of Death" DLC costs $6.99 / £4.75 and is available to download from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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