Rockstar's offering rewards for Moonshiners and Traders in Red Dead Online this week

By Heidi Nicholas,
It's all about Moonshiners and Traders in Red Dead Online this week. Bounty Hunters and Naturalists shouldn't feel too left out, though; it seems Rockstar could have some interesting plans.

Red Dead Online

Over in the latest newswire, Rockstar says playing Red Dead Online before November 9th will reward Traders with 25 free Trader Goods, and Moonshiners with one free Mash Refill, while completing a Trader or Moonshiner sale will also get you a Treasure Map. Reaching at least Rank 5 in any Role will get you a free horse of Rank 40 or lower, while Stable Stalls are also currently 30% off. Lastly, the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue has a number of new items on sale.

It doesn't sound like the most action-packed update, but it seems Rockstar could have some bigger plans for the future. Design director Scott Butchard spoke to GameStar — the interview is in German, but has been translated by a number of sites (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun), and it sounds promising. Butchard apparently says that there's not too long to go before Red Dead Online players see a more action-filled update, which will expand upon an existing role and "provide plenty of action-packed shootouts.”

What update do you want to see next in Red Dead Online? Let us know in the comments! And in the meantime, don't forget that Red Dead Online's Halloween Pass is still on the go.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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