Sea of Thieves' Xbox Series X|S optimisation will be available at launch

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rare has now detailed the Xbox Series X|S optimisations of Sea of Thieves, including performance improvements and reduced load times.

Sea of Thieves

Over on the latest news post, executive producer Joe Neate explains that Sea of Thieves will run at 4K 60fps on the Xbox Series X, and at 1080p 60fps on the Xbox Series S, while the "greater processing power of both new consoles" allows for performance improvements such as drastically reduced load times. The Xbox Series X|S optimised version of Sea of Thieves will be available for free at launch on Xbox Game Pass, and via Smart Delivery.

We're only five days away from launch now, and the number of titles with Xbox Series X|S optimisations on the way is racking up. You can check out how Ark will look on the Xbox Series X with its comparison video, for instance, while Borderlands 3's next-gen upgrade has been confirmed as launching for free on day one, and No Man's Sky is likewise getting a free next-gen upgrade. However, there's still a few big games which haven't yet had any upgrade announced. Our latest poll asks which game would you most like to see get a Series X upgrade — why not head over there and let us know by voting and chatting it through in the comments.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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