Life is Strange and Tell Me Why developer has six games in production

By Brittany Vincent,
Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind games like Life is Strange and the upcoming Twin Mirror, is hard at work on a variety of new games: six, to be exact.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert confirmed the company is working to add a brand new studio in Montreal to handle the workload in an effort to create multiple narrative titles at once. This multifaceted approach, as Guilbert sees it, could help diversify the company's portfolio of titles.

"Our studio is growing, with six games in production now," Guilbert explained. "Our recent releases have been very successful in terms of press reception and player reception. I’m very proud."

The team's most recent release, Tell Me Why, explored the bond between two siblings as well as one's trans identity. This is, as Guilbert sees it, part of the company's appraoch to creating "honest" games that reflect life as we know it.

Unfortunately, despite sharing that there are multiple games in development, there isn't much to know about each title just yet. They're described with codenames like "Project 8", "Project 9", and "Project 10". As such, it's difficult to pin down what they might be about. But the new Montreal team is sure to help bring all of these new adventures to fruition.

"For us, [a Montreal studio] was really important because we obviously wanted to be closer to our players in North America, but also because the biggest part of our player base is in North America and our games like Life Is Strange take place in North America,” said Guilbert. "Montreal is also one of the biggest video game ecosystems in the world."

Right now, we can ascertain that the group is shying away from its established worlds like the Life is Strange universe to work on new experiences, as Guilbert states it's "important for us not to have all our eggs in one basket."

Next up for Dontnod is the mesmerizing murder mystery Twin Mirror, which is set to arrive this December. The developer's titles have been anything but predictable so far. It should be interesting to see what's coming down the pipeline with the impending studio expansion.

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