Next wave of UK Xbox Series X|S preorders are now live, get yours here

By Luke Albigés,
UPDATE: Well, 2020 continues to be the year of everyone forgetting how preorders are supposed to work. As well as the expected traffic rush on the few sites that did have stock as advertised, comments and reports suggest that several retailers including Game and the Microsoft Store pulled the trigger early, leaving no stock by the time 8am rolled around. With others apparently not updating at all so far today, it might be worth keeping an eye on these over the course of the day just in case, and we'll update here and on Twitter as soon as we hear of any outlets that join the preorder party late.

ORIGINAL STORY: Xbox Series X|S consoles have been pre-selling out in a matter of minutes each time new stock has been listed online, but if you haven't managed to secure one so far, you might not be out of luck just yet. More stock is now available at the links below:

xbox series x|s

Some of this will likely be a second wave of units, some retail stock that can no longer be sold in-store due to lockdown restrictions, and there's probably the odd preorder cancellation in there, too. Availability and delivery date will vary by retailer — we've only seen Game offer an actual date (December 18th, so still in time for the holidays), but some outlets may deliver sooner, and others later. Either way, this will probably be your last chance to get an order in this year, and based on the last round of preorders, you'll need to act fast if you want to beat the rush.

Here are links to all the retailers confirmed to be getting extra stock tomorrow, with the exception of Tesco, who don't have a store page for the consoles at the time of writing. F5 fingers at the ready, people:

RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft UKPre-order Pre-order
GamePre-order Pre-order
Currys PC WorldPre-order Pre-order
VeryPre-order Pre-order
AOPre-order Pre-order
LittlewoodsPre-order Pre-order

While those are the only outlets Microsoft has confirmed will have stock, it might be worth checking in with others in case they can hook you up when the ones above can't. Smyths' listings, for instance, suggest they too will be getting additional stock tomorrow, so there's a chance some of the others will as well. Here are all the backup links you'll need:

RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Amazon UKPre-order Pre-order
SimplyGamesPre-order Pre-order
SmythsPre-order Pre-order
ShopToPre-order Pre-order
ArgosPre-order Pre-order

Good luck getting your hands on a new Xbox! Let us know how you get on in the comments below...
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