Rainbow Six Siege's Neon Dawn will add a new Operator and a rework of the Skyscraper map

By Heidi Nicholas,
Ubisoft has now revealed more details for Operation Neon Dawn, which arrives for Rainbow Six Siege sometime in December, bringing new Operator Aruni, a map rework, a new battle pass, and new seasonal skins.

You can also find a breakdown of Neon Dawn on the game's site. First up is new Operator Aruni, a Defender, who Ubisoft says has "an instinctive awareness of her surroundings that borders on the preternatural." Aruni is equipped with the P10 RONI and Mk 14 EBR as primary weapons, as well as the PRB92 as a secondary weapon. Her gadgets are a proximity alarm and barbed wire, but her most interesting ability is the Surya Gate, which she can put over doorways and other entrances to project a laser gate. This gate detects and burns enemies who pass through it.

The Skyscraper map, meanwhile, has been reworked to "balance gameplay and enhance navigation." You can now rappel onto the roof. Dragon has been made into a room which bridges the gap between 2F House and 2F Restaurant, while other entryways have been blocked up, and the balcony has been downsized in an effort to stop players camping there. Ubisoft has also taken a look at runout times, reducing the detection time to one second to stop Attackers being killed as quickly. There will be new accessibility options for the chat channel, adding Voice to Text, Text to Voice, and chat assistance to the options menu. Players will also be able to change the font scaling and the "audio/visual cues for the chat." The notes for Neon Dawn also remind players about the Sixth Guardian program, "in which certain seasons have a limited-time bundle dedicated to a different charity."

You can check those Neon Dawn patch notes for a full breakdown of the new Operation, but the other items of note are the price decrease for certain operators, as well as the new weapon skins for Neon Dawn. Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia will be priced at 10,000 Renown/240 R6 Credits, while Kaid and Nomad’s price will be lowered to 15,000 Renown/360 R6 Credits, and Kali and Wamai’s price will change to 20,000 Renown/480 R6 Credits. The Gold Impact weapon skin will be available at launch.

Neon Dawn will arrive sometime in December.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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