Bungie has updated several of Destiny 2's achievements to stop them becoming discontinued

By Sean Carey,
With the introduction of the Beyond Light expansion in Destiny 2, Bungie made the decision to remove some of the game's older content. A few locations and activities have now been moved to the content vault and are now not accessible. Several achievements were tied to this now-defunct content, but the Destiny 2 team, being the good guys that they are, have updated the game's achievements to make sure all players can still unlock them.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Four achievements look to have had their requirements updated. Belly of the Beast and The Prestige, which required the now-vaulted Leviathan Raid to unlock, have been changed to completing a Nightfall strike on Master and Grandmaster difficulty. Other achievements that have been changed are In a Flash and Show Me What You Got. In a Flash previously required players to complete a Flashpoint on Earth, Titan, Nessus or Io. To pop this one, players now have to complete five heroic public events. Show Me What You Got now requires players to complete the "Light Reforged" quest instead of completing the Crucible introduction.

Destiny 2Belly Of The BeastThe Belly Of The Beast achievement in Destiny 2 worth 197 pointsComplete a Nightfall strike on Master difficulty.

Destiny 2The PrestigeThe The Prestige achievement in Destiny 2 worth 309 pointsComplete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty.

Destiny 2In A FlashThe In A Flash achievement in Destiny 2 worth 106 pointsComplete 5 Heroic Public Events.

Destiny 2Show Me What You GotThe Show Me What You Got achievement in Destiny 2 worth 110 pointsComplete the "Light Reforged" quest.

Bungie has been pretty hot on changing achievement requirements in the past to keep up with changes in Destiny 2, and it's good to see it's continuing this trend even after vaulting some of the earlier content.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available to play now and is included with Xbox Game Pass.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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