Red Dead Online has bonuses for Bounty Hunters and Collectors this week

By Heidi Nicholas,
This week, it's Collectors and Bounty Hunters getting Red Dead Online bonuses, although there are free collectables available to everyone for playing.

Red Dead Online

Starting up Red Dead Online this week will get all players two Bird's Eggs, two Arrowheads, and two Family Heirlooms. Collectors, meanwhile, will get 40% off a Collector Item that's Established or Higher, if they manage to dig up at least five collectables. Those Collectors who have reached Rank 5 or higher will also get four Megafauna Fossils and a free Coat to wear should they wish to go dig up some more.

While Collectors will be busy digging away, Bounty Hunters can earn 50% extra pay for bounties and 40% off an Established or Higher Bounty Hunter Item if they bring in a Legendary Bounty. Any Bounty Hunters at Rank 5 or higher will get a free Role outfit, or an accessory or emote. Meanwhile, Rockstar says the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has a new selection of limited-time items, including ponchos, hats, gloves, spurs, darned stockings, and whatever else is needed to make sure you're the best dressed in the West.

It's another smaller update for Red Dead Online this week. Hopefully, there should be a larger update soon, as it seems Rockstar might have bigger plans for the future.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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