Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Halo Infinite devs leaving isn't a concern

By Brittany Vincent,
Despite the somewhat concerning nature of a multitude of changes going on at 343 Industries with Halo Infinite, Xbox boss Phil Spencer remains unbothered.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Spencer discussed some of the more concerning changes happing at the developer over the last couple of months, even going so far as to call the happenings "normal."

"Sometimes what hits the press, or when certain things get announced internally, have actually happened months before," Spencer said of the stories floating around online regarding Halo Infinite. He went further to acknowledge that the timing of someone leaving the team lining up with the game's delay painted an unfortunate picture as well.

"It's not always accurate when these things line up--we did take the feedback coming out of the July showcase event seriously, both on the date and what people were expecting from the game," he explained. "It was a miss on our part, on my part, to open our July showcase with Halo Infinite and then a couple of weeks later have to move the date." The decision was not met with any sort of contentment from fans, instead leading to ill will and concern.

"I don't take the sentiment and the emotion of our fans and our customers lightly," Spencer concluded. "We set an expectation that here, this is something you're going to have at launch and then we have to change that expectation not too much after our showing--that's a mistake." He noted that worker turnover, furthermore, is normal within the industry and stated her has no "specific concern about 343," as well as "a lot of faith in Bonnie [Ross]" and her team.

Right now, Halo Infinite is still quite a ways away from being a playable title on Xbox Series X. Halo Infinite is still without a concrete release date as well, so you'll have to play through the original games if you want to get your Halo fix right now. Halo 4 will be hitting PC on November 17th as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection as well.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Halo Infinite achievements.