Dirt 5 dev to change requirements for the game's most time-consuming achievement

By Sean Carey,
If you've been playing Dirt 5, you'll probably already know that the racing game has a rather insane achievement that's quite the grind. Thankfully, Codemasters has been listening to player feedback and has announced it will be changing the time-consuming achievement's requirements.

The 'Spare Some Change for Gas?' achievement is similar to that rather ridiculous 'Around the world' achievement in Skater XL and the 'Around the Globe' achievement in Grid. All three of these require you to travel an overall total distance in the game world. In the case of Dirt 5, Spare Some Change for Gas asks you to thrash your rally cars around for a total of 10,000 miles. Dirt 5 launched on November 6th, and so far, not one player has managed to unlock the achievement here on TA, and only one has popped the trophy over on TrueTrophies.

DIRT 5Spare Some Change for Gas?The Spare Some Change for Gas? achievement in DIRT 5 worth 207 pointsDrive 1,000 miles

Codemasters has realised that this is a bit of a grind and has said that it will be lowering the 10,000 miles cumulative total to just 1,000 miles, which should make it a lot easier for everyone. According to a developer in the Dirt 5 Discord server, the achievement will also unlock retroactively. The change will come into effect once the next console patch rolls out; however, Codemasters hasn't given a date for that just yet.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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