Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X|S launch was the biggest in Xbox history

By Brittany Vincent,
Microsoft has plenty to celebrate with the launch of the Xbox Series X|S. In fact, it's celebrating the biggest, most successful debut in Xbox history.

The company took to Xbox Wire to show off with a few important milestones. In just the first 24 hours after launch, which happened across 40 countries, more new Xbox consoles sold during this generation than any other prior.

Additionally, the Xbox Series S appeared to drive most of the sales, contributing the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch. As a result, there were more games played during launch as well, with 3,594 across four different generations of systems, setting a record for the most games ever played during an Xbox console launch.

"Thanks to you, the launch of Xbox Series X|S is now the most successful debut in our history," the post read. "While we missed the emotional spark of being together with you in person, it was incredible to celebrate a new generation of gaming with the millions on our celebration livestream and everyone who participated in our global launch across 40 countries."
This post comes in off the back of Phil Spencer's initial tweet, revealing the news and the fact that the company is working to "resupply as quickly as possible."

But the meat of this announcement no doubt lies in the fact that now, about 70 percent of Xbox Series X|S adopters are attached to Xbox Game Pass members. With Xbox Game Pass offering a wide variety of titles for users to try out, as well as rotating new games in, It seems it really is the biggest draw for this console generation.

Either way, it seems the Xbox Series X|S is living large now that the console and its diminutive sidekick are out in the wild.