36% of active Xbox gamers played a Call of Duty game last week

By Rich Stone,
This week's Xbox Chart saw two Call of Duty games grabbing the top two positions.

Given the Activision shooter's dominance, we thought we'd dig a little bit deeper into the data and see what else we could find...

36% of the active Xbox gamers we checked played a Call of Duty game last week

We scanned over 2.5 million active Xbox gamers on Sunday to see what they'd played during the previous week, and a staggering 36% of them had played at least one Call of Duty game during that time.

Modern Warfare continued its chart dominance and was played by 27% of active gamers.
Black Ops Cold War only released on Friday but was still played by 16.3% of those that played a game last week.

Other Call of Duty games still getting action last week included Black Ops III (2.4%), Black Ops 4 (1.9%) and Black Ops II (1.4%).

Impressively, all 17 games in the Call of Duty Series were being played by Xbox gamers last week.

Black Ops Cold War had a very similar first week to Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare's first week on the Xbox Chart saw it played by 16.9% of gamers — Cold War's 16.3% doesn't quite match this figure, but it's certainly comparable. It also entered the Xbox Chart at number two, as did Modern Warfare in its first week, where it was only behind Fortnite.

The only other times a game has entered the chart in one of the top five spots were Apex Legends back in February last year, which went straight in at number one, and Gears 5 in September last year which debuted in fourth position.

Activision doesn't seem to be reaching new fans

Of the Xbox gamers that played Black Ops Cold War, 96.1% of them had also played Modern Warfare at some point in their Xbox gaming history. A staggering 98.2% had played at least one of the other Call of Duty games previously.
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