Minecraft Dungeons is getting cross-platform cloud saves in a future update

By Sean Carey,
Developer Mojang Studios has announced that Minecraft Dungeons will be getting cross-platform cloud saves — a feature that's been requested by many of the Minecraft Dungeons community.

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The cross-play update that allows players on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC to play together goes live today, and in a blog post explaining the cross-platform update, Mojang Studios revealed that cloud saves will be coming in the future. "Cloud saves are coming soon to Minecraft Dungeons! That means you’ll be able to play on one platform, use the new cloud save feature, then pick up the game and your progress on another platform.

"While we don’t have a launch date set for this feature, our team is hard at work and very excited to bring it to life in an upcoming free update." Mojang Studios says it will be sharing more on the feature soon.

Minecraft Dungeons will be getting a new season pass and DLC expansion in December. The Howling Peaks DLC adds a new biome filled with more levels, unique enemies, and a new boss called The Tempest Golem.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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