Last Oasis arrives for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in Q1 2021

By Brittany Vincent,
Survival MMO Last Oasis is making its way to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in Q1 2021.

Developer Donkey Crew took to its official Steam page with the announcement, responding to requests the team had been "showered with". Due to popular demand, Last Oasis will now be headed to the Xbox ecosystem in Q1 2021.

The game will support cross-play from launch, which means all players can join up and enjoy the game together on both official and private servers. Players can use either mouse and keyboard or a controller on equal ground together. Donkey Crew stated additional details are on the way and will be meted out closer to release.

Last Oasis finds players exploring a crumbling world where Earth has stopped rotating. As part of the last human survivors in the world, players must consistently work to outrun the Sun, which burns the land in the west entirely. There's only one narrow area in the Earth that can actually support life.

Players can explore the massive open world, which connects oases over 100km2 each, with thousands of oases that exist at once. There's no offline raiding, plenty of melee combat, and opportunities for solo players.

There's no specific date for which we can expect the Xbox Series X|S version of Last Oasis just yet, but it'll be on its way out soon enough.