Disintegration devs change some achievements to unlock offline following server closure

By Sean Carey,
Servers for Disintegration have now closed, but the dev team at V1 Interactive, being the good guys that they are, have made it so several of the game's achievements will now unlock offline — saving Disintegration from being added to the long list of games containing discontinued achievements.

Disintegration beta

Four achievements were due to be discontinued, but thankfully, they can now be unlocked offline. The Happy Little Trees achievement was awarded to players for crafting a custom badge, but that has now been changed to Wrecking Crew and requires players to deal 20,000 damage in a mission. Tough Stuff previously asked players to complete a multiplayer challenge but has now been changed to defeating an enemy Thunderhead. Battle Tested no longer asks players to complete a round of multiplayer but instead wants them to defeat an enemy Gravcycle. And finally, Suit Up, which once required players to customise a multiplayer crew, has been changed to Busy Nanites and has players repairing 10,000 damage in a mission.

DisintegrationWrecking CrewThe Wrecking Crew achievement in Disintegration worth 52 pointsDeal 20,000 damage in a mission.

DisintegrationTough StuffThe Tough Stuff achievement in Disintegration worth 51 pointsDefeat an enemy Thunderhead.

DisintegrationBattle TestedThe Battle Tested achievement in Disintegration worth 51 pointsDefeat an enemy Gravcycle.

DisintegrationBusy NanitesThe Busy Nanites achievement in Disintegration worth 56 pointsRepair 10,000 damage in a mission.

It's a nice touch by developer V1 Interactive who could have easily shuttered the servers without updating any of the achievement requirements. Bungie recently did the same with Destiny 2 after the developer decided to remove some of the game's older content. Several of the first-person shooter's achievements were changed to stop them from becoming discontinued.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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