Star Wars: Squadrons to get two free content updates with a new map & new starfighters

By Brittany Vincent,
Star Wars: Squadrons is adding some new content in light of the fact that it was never confirmed to be receiving DLC.

That's exciting news for players looking to get more out of the title, as EA Motive took to the official Star Wars: Squadrons website to make the announcement. The content is a "nice, final thank you gift" from the team.

There are two free content drops scheduled for both November and December. The November update is scheduled to debut on November 25 as Update 3.0. It will bring a slew of balancing fixes and other gameplay improvements as well as a new map for Dogfight and Fleet Battles mode in addition to new components for ship loadouts.

The new map, Fostar Haven, is a single-player campaign location that players should recognize from the game's campaign. It was available briefly as part of the game's prologue, and now it'll be immortalized in the game's multiplayer options. The update will also introduce the following four new components: Boost Extension Kit for Fighters and Bombers, Ion Rockets for Interceptors and Fighters, Prototype Piercing Torpedoes for Bombers and Fighters, and Anti-Material Rocket Turrets for Support ships.

Credit: Electronic Arts

The December update has yet to be dated. However, when it launches, that will signify the game's introduction to version 4.0. This means it'll be time to add two new ships: the TIE Defender and the B-Wing. They'll include "unique aspects in line with what you'd expect from them," according to creative director Ian Frazier.

"These functions and a couple unique components will help them differentiate themselves from the other starfighters in their classes and factions, but we’ve also made sure they aren’t outright better by default," said Frazier. "There’s still going to be good reasons to pick a Y-wing over a B-wing or a TIE fighter over a TIE defender and vice versa. It’ll depend on your playstyle and what the situation calls for."

Additionally, the game will introduce Custom Matches. This will see 1-5 players on both side finally able to queue any maps from either Dogfight or Fleet Battle mode and modify settings like ship health, hull integrity, shield points, and more.

Looks like a pretty robust gift for Star Wars fans for this holiday season.

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