Biomutant devs are ambitious to "offer a lot of replayability," says Embracer Group CEO

By Heidi Nicholas,
Biomutant is in development from Experiment 101, who describe it as a "post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable." If you're looking forward to Biomutant, the off chance is you've been looking forward to it for a good few years. Long stretches without any news led to worries that Biomutant had disappeared into the void, never to be seen again, but it is in fact still very much in development. Earlier this year, the devs said Biomutant was in the "final stages" of development, and followed that up a few months later with new details on character customisation. Most recently, Embracer Group's CEO Lars Wingefors appeared during a meeting to give some background info on why we haven't yet heard more.

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Embracer Group is the parent company to Biomutant publishers THQ Nordic, and recently celebrated the acquisition of another dozen studios. Wingefors appeared in the Q2 2020/2021 presentation and annual general meeting, where he joked that Biomutant is a "dear topic" every quarter. Although Biomutant is confirmed to still be on the way, news about the game is rare, and as part of the meeting, Wingefors gave some background info as to why this might be. "It's amazing when you look at it, but it's a huge game," he said. Wingefors said he's always eager to learn more about the game, and discovered that it is 8.8 km of handcrafted open world, from a team of 20 people. He added that the devs are also ambitious to "offer a lot of replayability, and discussed the huge amount of work needed for such a big game, including QA, languages, voiceover, and bug counts, saying that Biomutant's 11,000 bug count has been whittled down to 1,000. "They're getting there. They are in the final completion of the game... I know I've been stating that before, and when they're ready, they will speak, about release dates, and about more details of the games. I just wanted to give you a bit of colour on why it's taking a bit of time."

This is the first update we've had on the game since June this year. Likewise, the Biomutant Twitter account also broke its silence with an update on which languages the game will be playable in. It seems an odd choice of update, considering the account had been silent for five months beforehand, but we'll take it nevertheless, as it's yet more proof that Biomutant is well and truly on the way.

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Heidi Nicholas
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