Marvel's Avengers' first season kicks off with Kate Bishop — Taking AIM in December

By Heidi Nicholas,
The first season of Marvel's Avengers will begin in a few weeks' time on December 8th with Kate Bishop — Taking AIM. The devs have now shared a deep-dive into the story and abilities coming with the new story campaign, as well as a glimpse of Hawkeye: Operation Future Imperfect, which will arrive early next year.

Kate Bishop will be the first new hero in Season One of the Avengers Initiative, and is voiced by Ashly Burch, who also voiced Chloe in Life is Strange and Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The devs say that these Operations function as story campaigns in an "interconnected narrative," the same way episodes function for a TV show. The official description for this Operation reads that "Kate is searching for her former mentor, Hawkeye, but along the way she discovers a conspiracy involving Nick Fury, time travel, and a frightening new enemy," but again, the devs have more info on how this will all work. Hawkeye has apparently somehow become trapped in the wrong timeline, while reality is tearing itself apart, and this "frightening new enemy" is the Super Adaptoid, who was first introduced in Tales of Suspense #84. This enemy has all of the Avengers' powers and "is considered an Omega Level Threat in the tougher multiplayer-only version of its boss fight."

From the look of things, Kate has an extensive arsenal of abilities. She "uses quantum energy to power a unique set of special abilities," and her Intrinsic attacks include teleportation and increased sword damage, while her Blink Skills consist of blink skills: double jump, air dash, and shorter-range teleportation. Kate also has a range of bow skills, and her Heroics include the Decoy support ability, which creates a "hologram replica" of Kate and uses arrows of quantum energy, After Image, which "lets you swap places with the decoy," Self-Destruct, which "remote detonates the decoy to trigger a large burst of quantum damage," Warp Arrow, an assault which relies on more teleportation and quantum explosions, and Worm Hole, which is actually an upgraded version of Warp Arrow, with portals for allies. Her ultimate Heroic is Quantum Overdrive.

Once you've finished up with Kate's campaign, you can begin a "late-game version of Kate's final mission" with better rewards. Kate's campaign is free and just the first part of the two Hawkeyes' Story Arc: following up this campaign will be Hawkeye: Operation Future Imperfect, which "brings us face-to-face with a distant future where all hope is lost" and arrives in early 2021. The devs add that they are still working on the game, saying, "we have yet more improvements and features yet to come. We are always listening to our players, including asks for future features like cross-platform play, we hear you loud and clear."

Kate Bishop — Taking AIM begins on December 8th.
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