Balan Wonderworld devs show off two of the game's twelve tales

By Heidi Nicholas,
Square Enix and Balan Company have now shared a little more info on two of the twelve tales of Balan Wonderworld: "The Girl Who’s Gaga for Bugs" and "The Dolphin and the Diver."

Balan Wonderworld was announced back in July's Xbox Games showcase, and revealed as a beautifully colourful 3D action-adventure platformer. We've had a few info drops since, but it's easy to get lost in all the vibrant colours of what promises to be a wonderfully weird game. What we know so far, however, is that the two main characters are Leo and Emma, who stumble across the Balan Theatre and are led to Wonderworld by Balan himself. There, they are tasked with restoring the happiness and balance of Wonderworld, which is divided into different regions and centred around the Isle of the Tims — adorable fluffy creatures who are literally born of happiness.

One of the game's more ominous characters is Lance, who director Yuji Naka says "traps visitors to Wonderworld inside their own hearts, creating monsters out of their own negativity." Wonderworld has twelve Worlds inside Hearts, "distorted and dangerous areas created by negativity and worry," and filled with enemies. It seems to be two of these that we're given a glimpse of via the new Balan Wonderworld trailers. The first video included above is of Chapter 2 - The Dolphin and the Diver, about "Fiona, a girl with a love for the sea and her beloved dolphins who she’s thought of as her friends always." The trailer shows a more than ominous side to the dolphin, however, and seems to show us how one of these World inside Hearts is formed. The next, for Chapter 3 - The Girl Who’s Gaga for Bugs, is included below.

This one is all about Yuri, "a girl who is gaga for bugs." The description asks, "will her peers understand her curiosity for all things creepy crawly" — apparently not, since Yuri is shown descending into a pit full of insects which are suddenly enormous, and being trapped inside her own negative feelings.

Leo and Emma will be in charge of restoring balance to Wonderworld, when Balan Wonderworld launches on March 26th, 2021.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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