The Reason Europe Has No Trenched

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Those of you in Europe may have been wondering this past Wednesday, "Where is Trenched?" The latest arcade title from Double Fine debuted to stellar reviews and continues their incredible track record of critically acclaimed, smash-hit downloadable titles. Unless of course, you live in Europe, and a pesky trademark issue is hindering your ability to download and enjoy Trenched.

That's right, it is a trademark issue keeping Trenched out of Europe. It is not, as one of the rumors stated, because of a Nazi salute present in the game. Double Fine went on record to deny that particular rumor. Eurogamer did some digging around the issue and discovered that Portugese board game designer Rui Alípio Monteiro has the title "Trench" trademarked for European markets. The trademark covers board games and also computer games, of which the XBLA Trenched falls under, creating the not so small problem of Double Fine violating a trademark.

Trench, the board game, also is set during World War 1. It does not however, involve mechs with six Gatling guns. Double Fine and Microsoft are working on a solution, which may include Trenched receiving a different name for the European market.
Credit for this story goes to imnotGEOFF