Gears 5 adds WWE stars The New Day as playable characters

By Brittany Vincent,
Gears 5 is welcoming superstar WWE team The New Day – Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods – in the near future as playable characters.

The announcement popped off on Austin Creed's Twitter (ring name Xavier Woods), where he noted that the group would be headed to the game as three new avatars that players would be able to use when jumping into Gears 5 for some multiplayer goodness.

“If you thought getting popped by gnashers got on your nerves, wait until it's us doing it,” Creed joked, professing his love for Gears of War over the years.

Creed is a self-proclaimed video game fan, as are the rest of The New Day. The trio ended up giving their own tribute to Final Fantasy 14 during Wrestlemania 33, and Creed himself is the host of the new Nick Arcade reboot.

This isn't the first WWE crossover with Gears, either. Previously, Dave Bautista joined the game as an alternate skin for protagonist Marcus Fenix in November 2019. That was an interesting move that gave the iconic Gears character a complete makeover.

Of course, the only thing we know so far is that The New Day will be heading into Gears 5. There's no pricing information just yet, or a specific date for when we can expect them. The Xbox Wire announcement hasn't made that clear, but we'll likely see an announcement in that regard in the coming days.

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