The Medium devs say dual reality gameplay should feature for roughly 33% of the game

By Brittany Vincent,
Bloober Team's The Medium is shaping up to be an interesting adventure that finds players straddling two unique worlds. The dual realities that the game will explore have become the hallmark of what to expect from the game, though it appears this setup won't completely dominate the narrative.

In a recent interview with GamingBolt, producer Jacek Zieba stated that, in the 8-10 hour game, the dual reality mechanic will only take up about 33% of the game. Essentially, this means players won't be shifting realities as a constant, and it will only be a set piece throughout part of the game.

"The main belief of the game is duality and providing different points of view, starting from story to gameplay ending, which is why dual reality gameplay is one of the foundations of The Medium," said Zieba. "The game does not appear with dual reality gameplay all the time as players can expect to play in it about 33% of the game, while the rest of the game takes place within a single reality, either in the real world or in the spiritual world."

This decision was made in a bid to continue to surprise players and offer up new challenges. Developers were interested in allowing them to discover new mechanics within each individual reality instead. It's meant to promote "gameplay and exploration as well as taking in the atmosphere himself," Zieba explained.

"In one world, we can be in a seemingly safe location, but players will be in two worlds at once, so we never really know if something is lurking in the other reality."

The Medium is a psychological horror game that places players in the role of a young medium named Marianne who can travel back and forth between the real world and the spirit realm. It's set for a 2021 release on January 28th.

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