Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gets new movie-based content

By Luke Albigés,
To celebrate the launch of the upcoming Monster Hunter movie next month, Iceborne players will be able to take on two special new event quests to earn gear based on that worn by Milla Jovovich's character, Artemis.

The two missions are only for solo players, much like The Witcher event quest from last year, and see players take on the role of Artemis (voiced by Jovovich) to bring down the movie's poster monsters, Black Diablos and Rathalos. Besting the horned colossus that is Diablos will earn you the Artemis Alpha+ armour set, while taking down Rathalos nets you the layered version of the armour. Completing both also unlocks a bunch of Guild Card cosmetics — the Cinematic World background, Courageous Hunter and Skilled Hunter poses, and six new titles.

These missions will run for a full year after arriving on December 3rd at 4pm PST, so there's no mad rush to get them done. You'll need the Iceborne expansion to play them, however, since both are Master Rank quests.

In the meantime, you'll be able to pick up a special item pack in the game from tomorrow, which contains a bunch of useful stuff: 30 Ancient Potions, 30 Dust of Life, ten Golden Eggs, three True Armour Spheres, and an Earplug Jewel+4, the last of which is otherwise quite hard to come by. These are available for a week, so be sure to grab them before December 2nd. This set can be claimed by all players and doesn't require Iceborne, although the expansion is needed to use that Earplug Jewel since High Rank armour can't take four-slot decorations.

The Monster Hunter movie, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson of Resident Evil movie fame, is out at the end of the year, and looks to offer the same brand of braindead popcorn fun as the Resi flicks. Whether you're interested in the movie or not, don't miss your chance to land some free in-game goodies off the back of it!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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