Torchlight III's Winter Update arrives next month with new pets and gear

By Heidi Nicholas,
When the Winter Update "Snow & Steam" arrives for Torchlight III in December, it will bring new pets, gear, fort decorations, a Forged re-work, fort updates, and more.

Over on the Torchlight III site, the devs run through Snow & Steam in more detail. These new pets include a snowy owl, an "Ugly Sweater" cat variant, and a weaselly-ferrety creature with a festive Santa hat and beard. Any of the Halloween-themed "spooky" pets won't be available during this Winter update, but might come back afterwards. Pets will also be enhanced: for instance, they will be able to fetch potions for you.

Snow & Steam also brings new legendary items including a mace, sword, shield, focus, and armour set, which can only be found by players between level 47 and 60. Also included in this update is a re-work for the Forged class with skill changes and a "bit of a makeover to make it a more interesting and viable class." We don't even have a specific release date for this Winter Update yet, so the devs aren't sharing everything about it; we'll find out more about the Forged re-work when the patch notes go live. The Winter Update will also add a Style Station and a Fort basement for extra space, as well as the option to move decorations vertically.

The devs have so far only shared a preview for this update, but we'll let you know when we learn more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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