Twelve Days of Christmas 2020 Challenge 12

By Rich Stone,
We've had thousands of gamers register for the Twelve Days of Christmas 2020 Community Challenge event and it's now time to reveal the challenge for Day 12:

Challenge 12: Twelve Letter LinkingChallenge 12: Twelve Letter Linking

Challenge 12: Twelve Letter Linking

For the 12th challenge, you need to unlock twelve achievements where the first letter of the achievement name is the same as the last letter of the previous achievement name you earned.

For example, here is a valid chain of four achievements. Each unlocked achievement name begins with the last letter of the previously unlocked achievement name.
The key points are:
  • To begin the challenge you must click the start button on the 12 Days panel on your homepage!
  • You can click the Valid Achievements button on the 12 Days panel on your homepage to see achievements that start with the letter you need to link from.
  • You can unlock other achievements between your links without causing any issues.
  • You've completed the entire 12 days of Christmas challenge and earned your community challenge badge when you link your twelfth achievement.
  • You have until the end of December 31st to do this and all of the other 11 challenges
Good luck!

You can read the event FAQ here and discuss the event here.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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