Red Dead Online's Bounty Hunter expansion arrives today

By Heidi Nicholas,
Skilled bounty hunters can now pick up the Prestigious Bounty Hunter Licence in Red Dead Online, which brings ten new ranks, new items, bounty targets, and more to the role.

Red Dead Online

Over on a recent newswire post, Rockstar says "The West is a lawless place — a wide expanse filled with all manners of predators and their prey. Overwhelmed by the emergence of a new order of bandits and reprobates, the law is seeking Bounty Hunters of the highest calibre to help bring in some notorious targets."

The Prestigious Licence is available on the Bounty Board to all those with a licence. It brings ten extra ranks with new "high level items and skills" along with more weapon variants, horses, and Infamous Bounty targets. If you reach rank 30, you keep earning Bounty Hunter XP, which can be used to get RDO$ and Gold. If you're new to the trade of Bounty Hunting, you can also have five Gold Bars off the cost of a Bounty Hunter Licence. Existing Bounty Hunters get 40% off items up to rank 20. Rockstar gives a look at one Legendary Bounty: Gene "Beau" Finley, who's wanted for robbery, along with his gang. You'll find them in Bayou Nwa, but they've also got some "particularly predatory" captives.

A new Outlaw Pass is also out today, bringing new outfits, camp upgrades, and more, and Rockstar says "members who upgrade to the Outlaw Pass for 40 Gold Bars" will get a load of new rewards, including clothing and skill pamphlets, extra cash, and 30 Gold Bars. If you have Outlaw Pass No. 4, you also get RDO$400 and a rebate of ten Gold Bars. Rockstar's implemented a number of improvements with today's update, including bonuses of double XP for Bounty Hunter missions, extra RDO$ and XP for Free Roam and Bounty Missions, and double XP for A Land of Opportunities missions. All players will also get 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP, while those above Rank 5 get a treasure map and those above Rank 10 get a free Ability Card upgrade. Lastly, there are new Mustangs and Missouri Fox Trotters at the stables. There's a range of discounts this week, so for the full list, check Rockstar's post.

And, don't forget, today's also the day that Red Dead Online becomes available as a standalone game, available at 75% at $4.99 off for the next few months.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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