Microsoft acquires eSports platform

By Brittany Vincent,
Microsoft has officially acquired esports tournament organization platform The official Twitter account debuted the news following a statement on the homepage, and now former employee Matthew "MatDotZeb" Zaborowski congratulated on the big acquisition.

In the statement on the site, Microsoft is charged with helping to strengthen the platform's "existing relationships" while helping to "explore new opportunities." The goal is apparently for the site to remain a "self-service esports platform," and that employees will now receive additional support by way of Microsoft's Content Services team.

"Crazy cool news: @smashgg has been acquired by Microsoft! I'm thrilled for the team," wrote Zaborowski. "On a personal note this feels like fruits of my labor paid off. I led the Microsoft relationship for 2.5 years before leaving for CDL. We used to joke about being acquired by them & here we are."

He clarified that users should expect "basically no changes" to the site's free-for-use aspects or forcing only first-party Microsoft games on the platform. For, which has been around since 2015, this is great news. It's evolved from humble beginnings as an organizational platform for Super Smash Bros. tournaments to a one-size-fits-all solution for esports communities.

Oddly enough, however, Microsoft has yet to issue an official statement on its end, nor any sort of acknowledgement that the acquisition has taken place. While this is likely coming soon, it's a bit strange that it has yet to surface.