Twin Blades (WP7) Gets Official Release Date

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
Developed by Press Start Studio and published by Microsoft Game Studios, Twin Blades will be the next WP7 game to follow on from Angry Birds (WP).

The game received criticism for high levels of gore and blood and has previously been pulled for such issues. So in response to those issues the blood is now altered to green. Apparently that makes it OK to kill things to death.

The title is a side-scrolling hack 'n slash, which sees you wielding guns and weaponry in a bid to save the world. Nothing new there you might think, but you do get to do this whilst playing as a nun. Ah, now there's your twist!

Your gun toting sister's guns and weapons can be upgraded by collecting the hearts of your enemies. It's like a sequel to Sister Act that was never made, but definitely should have been.

Twin Blades will be available July 6th for $2.99.
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