Little Nightmares 2 will get an Xbox One demo early next year

By Heidi Nicholas,
A demo for Little Nightmares 2 is out now on Steam, but console players have just a little longer to wait: the Xbox One demo will arrive in early 2021.

Little Nightmares 2

As with everything to do with Little Nightmares 2, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Tarsier Studios are keeping details pretty close, but you can find out a little more over on the game's Steam page: "play as Mono and begin your journey towards the Signal Tower by making your way through an eerie forest. If you make it to the shack, you'll have a chance to free Six and work together to escape the Hunter. Do you best, we'll be watching."

The more we find out about Little Nightmares 2, the creepier it seems. Most recently, we got a trailer for the Hospital: a new area, where you'll find the Doctor and his Patients: "each one a collection of clattering parts that lurch after anything unusual in their environment." The Doctor seems to be in charge and is responsible for what's happened to these Patients, but it's definitely the Patients you need to keep an eye on at first. You'll have a torch to stun them but if they swarm you all at once, there doesn't seem to be much you can do...

Little Nightmares 2 comes out on February 11th 2021, so we could perhaps hope to see the demo next month. An Xbox Series X version of the game is planned for a later date, with a free next-gen upgrade for current-gen players.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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