Assassin's Creed Valhalla's latest update helps ready the game for a settlement expansion

By Heidi Nicholas,
One of the first free pieces of seasonal content for Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the upcoming Yule Festival. The game's latest update, 1.1.0, was just deployed yesterday, and adds in-game support for the Yule Festival as well as the Settlement expansion.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The update, which is 6.3GB for the Xbox Series X|S and 5.7GB for the Xbox One, brings a number of game improvements and fixes, and also adds "in-game support for the Settlement expansion and Yule Festival." Ubisoft hasn't yet shared too many details on what will be involved with the festival, which is a time-limited event, but says that it will bring "festivities to enjoy and rewards to obtain" — which sounds as though we could have themed settlement decorations or games. A preview article about the Yule Festival and Settlement expansion is on the way from Ubisoft, but in the meantime, this update says that, "to bring this and future festivals to life, you'll see the arrival of the revellers just east of the current settlement."

Title update 1.1.0 also brings a bunch of improvements and fixes. For instance, if you've been hunting Legendary animals, you might have been taking their pelts to the Hunter's Hut, where you will be told that you'll get a Longhouse decoration from it, only to never see that Legendary animal trophy again. Following this update, the spoils of your Legendary animal hunting should now be showing correctly in the Longhouse. Ubisoft has also gone about balancing the NPC power level behaviour. World bosses, Alpha animals, and Zealots will match your power level if it is higher than their own base level, while NPC power in general "will now be at a maximum difference of 51 below the player." A number of NPC behaviour and animation problems have also been fixed. You can check out the update notes in full for more detail.

It sounds as though we should be hearing more about the Yule Festival soon, and we'll be sure to update you.
Heidi Nicholas
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