The Ultrafun: Halo Forever! Live Updates

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Ultrafun: Halo Forever! event is well and truly under way. Ergo Me Smart is following the events for the next 12 hours in his blog, and we will be bringing you the latest updates straight to the TA front page!

All money raised from today's events will be going to Child's Play. The ChipIn Page is where all donations can be made via a Paypal account. Those of you who haven't got a Paypal account can donate using a debit or credit card as a Paypal Guest. Remember though, if you donate more than $10, you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes. A full list of these prizes can be found here.

Those of you who are wanting to watch the event live can follow the UStream.

The Red Team are now participating in community multiplayer games. Drop one of them a message if you want to join in on the the action!

Without further ado, here is the progress so far (all times are in BST):

03:57: Red team is now in Halo: Reach Multiplayer! Join up and take advantage, they have to suck having been playing for the past 15 hours! laugh

03:44: Congrats Red team for finishing first! Just under 6 hours for the whole campaign.

03:16: Red team is on a roll, finishing The Package with 70 kills. drabik finished first with 14,389. Great job team! toast

03:00: Alright Red team, finishing New Alexandria scoring 41,478, and congrats to W1LLYMAN, for once again pulling first on Blue team's recent finish in Long Night of Solace.

02:11: Congrats Red team for beating Exodus. Covenant KIA: 53 | UNSC MIA: 0

02:03: As requested, here is a bit from the thread:
British GM:
Ouch... Blue team complete Tip of the Spear, the MVP is W1LLYMAN, however King Nothing misses out by just 8 points
01:50: From the chat:
[01:49:40] drabik: We're winning. What else do you need to know :P
[01:50:00] drabik: Exodus finished. New Alexandria next.
[01:50:04] Dimitri: How you're cheating! laugh
01:45: Blue team is working their way through Long Night of Solace, just a few steps behind their Red friends.

Update: Hey Everyone!!! Dimitri here and I'm gonna hijack this thing for the next while, bringing you up to date info on the happenings of this great event!

01:00: Here ends the live updates. The two teams will be carrying on throughout the night in a bid to beat Halo: Reach. Once this campaign has finished, the team will be taking on members of the community in competitive multiplayer matches for the remainder of the 24 hours.

Be sure to follow the players on, and the campaign is expected to be finished between 3 and 4 AM BST for both teams.

See you all again at 11 AM BST!

00:55: Team Blue complete the third level, Nightfall, in 26 minutes, dying over 100 times along the way.

00:45: 44 minutes later, and the Spear has been Tipped by Team Red, although not after more deaths than kills, counting 137 in total.

00:37: This update is a little late, but for those stats fans amongst you, here are the team stats for Halo 3: ODST:

Team Red finished the game first, after taking only 2:54:47 of gameplay time to complete all levels. They killed 1,093 against 293 deaths, giving them a K/D ratio of 3.73. Their MVP? drabik, who won the most points in the vast majority of the levels. These stats DO NOT include the two aborted attempts which ended in disconnections.

Team Blue beat the game in 3 hours, 36 minutes and 21 seconds, over 40 minutes more than the Red team. They managed to kill 1071, 22 less than the Red team, but they also died 403 times, which was a significant increase on the Red's tally. Their K/D was 2.66, and their MVP was W1LLYMAN.

00:20: Team Blue don't stay down however, beating the 2nd level in 37 minutes. W1LLYMAN killed 95 in that level, compared to King Nothing, who died 42 times by himself.

00:15: Team Red again took a 2 level lead, beating the 3rd level in 28 minutes. drabik leads the team again, but also died the most with 31 deaths out of the 92 of the whole team.

23:40: ...Make that one level as Team Blue finish the first level of Halo: Reach in 21 minutes. W1LLYMAN kills 82 and dies 5 times, with the whole team going to the great beyond a total of 51 times.

23:35: Team Red finish the second level, putting them two ahead. is this level's MVP, getting the most points. drabik, meanwhile, gets the most kills, as Red die 87 times in 26 minutes.

23:05: - Meanwhile Team Red has REACHed the next game, beating the first level in 16 minutes, with drabik being the best of the team.

23:00: - 10 hours! Team Blue celebrates this by beating Halo 3: ODST, finishing the final level in 51 minutes, with 125 deaths along the way. W1LLYMAN is, as always, their MVP in this level.

22:50: What happened during the 70 minute break in commentary?

Well, for a start Team Blue has beaten Data Hive, with King Nothing getting the most points, but also more than half the 24 deaths in the 27 minutes.

Team Red, meanwhile, dies 77 times to the way to beating Coastal Highway and the game, with drabik leading the way in the 34 minute fight to the death.

21:40: Team Red complete Data Hive in 20 minutes, with only 16 deaths between them. The Reds can credit Jayour for most of these however, as he died nine times.

21:20: Team Blue now complete that level, and both teams find themselves two levels away for Reaching the final game. Much more equal effort in this 16 minute level, with only 12 deaths between them.

21:10: After a technical problem, Kikowani Station is finished by Team Red in around 23 minutes. Between the two parts, they died 28 times, but not before they over 150 of the enemies down with them.

21:00: @AceyBongos and @SixOkay (Justin from Robot Entertainment) have just tweeted about the event to their followers on Twitter. Can we get more people to do the same?

20:50: Team Blue have now caught up, and Red's game disconnects them. Finishing within half a minute of Red's time, Blue can't match their points total, but they die less, only dying 17 times.

20:40: NMPD HQ is done for Team Red, who keep their one level lead. Over 100 enemies loss their virtual lives within the 12 minutes they took, with our faithful heroes dying 23 times.

20:35: Pace is starting to slow, and I'm not sure if it's because it's getting harder or the teams are getting tired... Either way, Team Blue completes the ONI Alpha Site in 12 minutes as well, with King Nothing (?!) being the MVP in that level. They also only do slightly worse than Red, dying 25 times in the level.

20:15: Team Red stay a level ahead though, completing the fourth level of this game, ONI Alpha Site. The work load seems pretty even in this team, although drabik still leads the way. They finish the level in 12 minutes, meeting the reaper only 24 times along the way.

20:10: Team Blue have now finished the same level in a time of 23 minutes. I won't even bother going on about their MVP, but I will say that they died 58 times between them.

20:00: Now seven hours in, and Team Red have again taken the lead, completing the third level of the game, Kizingo Blvd. drabik leads the team, earning over 100k points and earning 72 kills - more than the rest of the team combined. In the 15 minute level, they all died 54 times between them.

19:50: Team Red have now finished Level 2, again beating Blue on time by finishing in 10 minutes. gets the most points for the team, who only die 19 times overall.

And what better way to celebrate completing the level than by reaching $2,000? Onwards to $2,500 and the next skull!

19:36: Team Blue finish Level 2, Uplift Reserve, in 14 minutes, with W1LLYMAN, of course, getting most of the points. They take out 57, only to be taken out 41 times.

19:17: Not to be overdone, Red finish the same level. Finishing in an amazing time of 8 minutes, the whole team only dies 15 times between them, taking 62 of the enemy with them.

19:12: drabik: Stream is closing due to technical difficulties.

19:12: Team Blue take advantage of these problems and become the first to finish Tayari Plaza, the first level. Their Halo 3 MVP W1LLYMAN continues his crazy form, gathering pretty much all of the points, more than half the kills and only dying 4 times. Overall, there were 50 deaths in the 13 minute level.

19:10: Team Red have had to restart the first level for the 3rd time, as lag becomes unbearable. If the live feed goes off, it's due to the lag. Meanwhile, we're only 90$ away from our $2000 milestone! GOGOGOGO!

19:00: And that's 6 hours! Only another 18 hours to go to get to the $20,000 target. Maybe you should ChipIn?

18:55: So, some Blue Team stats for Halo 3. They beat the game in 4 hours, 59 minutes and 54 seconds, just 6 seconds under 5 hours. They managed to kill 1684, 58 more than the Red's, but they also died 895 times, which is almost double the Red's tally. Their K/D was 1.88, and their MVP? W1LLYMAN, of course.

18:47: @DuranDuranSucks (King Nothing): Halo 3 done, Boo to the Yah!

18:45: Red have given up on using Blind, as they were, erm, too blind to know where they were going. Instead, 'Tough Luck' is being put on.

18:40: Team Blue finally finish the 'Halo' level, 3 minutes faster than Red did. They also only died 66 times, and although they didn't get as many points, the last laugh goes to Team Blue.

18:35: Almost 5 hours after they started, Team Red have began on Halo 3: ODST, with the lack of Fog skull replaced with the 'Blind' skull. Surely that deserves some of you Chipping In?

18:25: So, some stats for Team Red on their completion of Halo 3. They took 3:32:55 of gameplay time to complete the 9 levels, and killed 1,626 against 453 deaths, giving them a K/D ratio of 3.59. Their MVP? drabik, who won the most points in six of the nine levels.

18:11: But Team Red upstage them and go a whole level in front, completing the Halo level, the final one in the game. Jayour leads the team for the finale, who beat the level in 29 minutes, dying a total of 98 times.

18:10: Team Blue finish the level in a less speedy 30 minutes, with (guess who) W1LLYMAN again leading the way. They killed 194, but not before they died 71 times.

17:40: Not to be outdone, Red finish Cortana in a speedy 20 minutes. and lead the way this time, and the whole team only died 24 times in that level. Only one more to go...

17:37: Blue finally finish Level 7 in a time of an hour and 10 minutes. W1LLYMAN remains the man to beat, and although they killed 277, only 251 were enemies. Meanwhile, they also happened to die 251 times in that level.

17:35: Currently up to $1820. Can we push them to the next skull before Red reaches Halo 3: ODST?

17:20: Even with a 30 minute delay, Team Red takes the lead! The Covenant have been defeated in a 'speedy' time of 38 minutes. drabik leads the team, while all 4 of them died the even amount of 100 times.

16:40: And not far behind, Red complete the same level after having to restart. Red destroys Blue's score, with drabik scoring more than the whole of the Blue team. Similar number of kills with only 50 deaths, and done in 20 minutes less time... It's another point to Team Red, meaning that they can't be beat at Halo 3.

16:35: Team Blue keep ahead and complete The Ark in 50 minutes. W1LLYMAN and King Nothing continue leading the team, while Matrarch and omgeezus score hardly anything. 273 enemies went down, but not before they took 148 with them.

16:05: Game disconnects for Team Red, so back to the start of the level for them. Minor setback.

16:00: Wow, you people don't disappoint. Up $300 in 10 minutes!

15:50: $1,415 raised so far with another grand to go to the next skull. Maybe time to empty out your pockets for Child's Play?

15:41: The speed demons that are Team Red have finished the 5th level in 12 minutes, 3 minutes faster than Blue. They also died less as well, but... What's this? Blue got more points and killed 50 more enemies? Well, I think that's a level to Team Blue, then.

15:30: Red have just completed the 4th level, and oh dear, Blue really got their arse kicked. 45,000 more points, 80 less deaths, 15 less minutes... Need I say more?

15: 25: Blue have finished the 5th level (Floodgate) and are back on form, finishing it in 15 minutes. W1LLYMAN again leads the team, who only died 19 times in the 15 minutes of that level.

15:05: Not long after, Red complete the 3rd level. Jayour leads the team this time, and Team Red beat Blue's time by a minute and their score by 5,000. Plus, they killed 17 more and died 21 less times. is still one of them to watch though, betraying another 2 times.

15:04: 2 hours in, and Team Blue complete The Storm, the 4th level. King Nothing leads the team this time, with omgeezus somehow scoring nothing. In the 30 minutes of that level, they killed 106 and died 113 times. I am disappointed.

14:43: Team Red finish the second level, Crow's Nest, and yet again show Team Blue who's boss. drabik leads the team, killing 75 and only dying 4 times in that level. Watch out for though... 2 betrays in that level!

Red yet again got more points in that level, and beat the time of Blue by 3 minutes. However, Blue killed 5 more and only died 3 more times, so... It's close.

14:33: Team Red have finished their first level, destroying the points total of Team Blue, getting 3 more kills AND only died 52 times AND finished 5 minutes faster (22 minutes to 27). 1-0 to Red!

Meanwhile, Blue has finished the 3rd level, Tsavo Highway. W1LLYMAN again leads the team of points (MVP anyone?), and team kills 126, only to die 70 times.

14:07: Crow's Nest in the books for Team Blue, putting them 2 levels up. W1LLYMAN drags the team through, and gets the most points again. Also much better K/D stats this time round, with 189 kills to only 43 deaths.

13:40: Team Blue complete the first level, Sierra 117, with the first 5 skulls on. Top scorer? W1LLYMAN, of course. Bottom scorer? Matrarch, the newshound boss. And a combined 114 deaths between them all. Figures.

13:31: But wait, Jayour is finally here! Team Red are to finally start!

13:30: Nothing to report so far. Jayour and are still AWOL, and Team Blue still haven't beat the first level...

13:16: King Nothing: "Hey drabik, we're kicking ass and taking names" - Team Blue mocking Team Red's lack of two players there.

13:05: Slight technical problem means Team Red hasn't started yet. But Team Blue is GO! GO TEAM BLUE!

13:00: And it is go! Good luck Team Red and Team Blue!

12:45: The first five skulls are being turned on, thanks to the fact that over $1,000 has been raised, and it hasn't even started yet! But as Jeremy Clarkson would say... how hard can it be?
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