Cyberpunk 2077's hotfix sorts quest issues and Xbox-specific bugs, and brings crash fixes

By Heidi Nicholas,
Cyberpunk 2077's latest hotfix, 1.05, is live now. It makes a number of changes including fixes for quests, fixes for Xbox-specific problems, and improved stability.

Hotfix 1.05

Following the game's bumpy launch, developer CD Projekt Red said fans were free to request a refund, but asked that players give the game a chance while the dev team works on fixes and patches. Since then, Microsoft has announced that it is offering refunds to dissatisfied Cyberpunk 2077 players, while over on the PS Store, the game has been removed indefinitely, with Sony also offering full refunds. Meanwhile, CDPR is still working on fixing the game's issues, with a plan for large patches coming early next year, and smaller updates arriving sooner.

Hotfix 1.05 fixes a number of issues, mostly quest-related, with blocked progress being resolved, dialogue being fixed, and characters behaving as they're supposed to. The hotfix also fixes a few gameplay issues. For instance, NPCs will now take cover more quickly. A number of visual and UI bugs have been fixed, and there have also been "multiple stability improvements, including crash fixes." Hotfix 1.05 brings a number of console-specific fixes, including solutions for bugs which have just been appearing on Xbox: "entering combat while Synaptic Accelerator is active no longer ends in player health bar not being displayed... Game no longer becomes unresponsive when signing out from a profile when the controller disconnection message is visible."

You can check out the hotfix changes in full over on the Cyberpunk 2077 site.

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