Dead Cells' latest update adds new mutations & a new mob, arrives for consoles Q1 2021

By Heidi Nicholas,
The 21st update for Dead Cells will arrive for consoles in Q1 2021, bringing new mutations and outfits, a new weapon, and a new mob.

Update 21

Update 21 details can be found over on the game's Steam page, as the update is out now for PCs. It adds a new Katana weapon, two Christmas-themed outfits, and a cheese diet which will let you "heal yourself with a nice smelly slice of Camembert." The new mob was brought about by a suggestion from the game's Discord community. It's the Demolisher, which can attack you from range using the Explosive Crossbow. It's lurking "in the Distillery at BC0 and in several places later on, mostly as an alternative upgrade to the Knife Thrower."

A new Hand of the King lore room has also been added with Update 21, along with five new mutations: Acrobatic Preparation (Tactics), Porcupine Backpack (Brutality), Tortoise Wheel (Survival), Fatal Cadence (Survival), and Ranger's Gear (Tactics). Update 21 is out now for PCs and arrives next year for consoles. The next Dead Cells DLC, Fatal Falls, also arrives next year, although we don't yet know for sure when it's coming to consoles. When it does, it will bring two more mid-game areas, new levels, weapons, enemies, and a new boss. We'll update you when we hear more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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