Killer Queen Black Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass release delayed

By Sean Carey,
Killer Queen Black was due to launch on Xbox consoles and into the Xbox Game Pass library tomorrow (January 5th), but developer Liquid Bit has now delayed the game's Xbox launch. The eight-player strategic action-platformer will now release sometime during Q1 2021.

An email from Killer Queen Black's PR team explaining the delay reads, "Originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 5th, the team at Liquid Bit’s commitment to quality led to the decision to push back, as providing the Killer Queen Black community [with] the best possible experience will always take precedence over self-imposed deadlines.

"Liquid Bit looks forward to announcing a more specific launch date as soon as possible."

Killer Queen Black is an eight-player "strategic action-platformer" where you play as a queen or one of three workers and battle it out against four other opponents to win a hive. To win a match, you must carry out objectives such as killing the opposing team's queen, collecting and hoarding berries, or by riding an incredibly slow-moving snail across the screen. Already available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, the game has received praise from both critics and users alike and sits with a very respectable Metacritic score of 83.

Killer Queen Black will now come to Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass sometime during Q1 2021.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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