Earn 10,000 Microsoft Rewards points for 10,000 Gamerscore this month

By Sean Carey,
One of the best Microsoft Rewards challenges is back! Starting today (January 6th) and running until January 26th, you can earn up to a maximum 10,000 Rewards points simply by unlocking achievements.

In the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox console, you should find a new punchcard titled "Play more. Earn more Rewards points." Once activated, you'll have up until January 26th to earn 10,000 Gamerscore for a maximum 10,000 Rewards points. According to the task's requirements, only achievements popped in Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S games will count.

Here in the UK, we haven't been able to activate the 10,000 Rewards point Gamerscore challenge and are presented with an error message despite the punchcard showing on our dashboard. It's possible that the punchcard simply isn't live in some regions yet, so keep double-checking.

For some quick and easy Gamerscore titles, check out our fastest game completions in Xbox Game Pass article and our most recent quick completions roundup from the latest Xbox sale. If you've purchased any Xitilon titles in recent months, keep an eye on those. In a recent interview, the publisher told us that at least nine of its games will be receiving free and easy 1,000G title updates this month. Last night, Bullet Beat received its second free title update taking the game's overall Gamerscore total up to 3,000G.

There's also another punchcard that's currently live in the Rewards app that offers a substantial amount of Rewards points. The "January monthly bonus round" punchcard offers 2000 Rewards points for completing five tasks before January 15th. They are as follows:
  • Task 1 - Search Bing on any device five days then click to complete the task
  • Task 2 - Complete three daily sets (these are completed on the Microsoft Rewards website)
  • Task 3 - Earn three achievements in any Xbox One game then click to complete the task
  • Task 4 - Activate Gamerscore Challenge + on or after January 6th and be on your way to 10,000 Rewards Points
  • Task 5 - Complete the quiz
The "Play more. Earn more Rewards points" punchcard is live (in some regions) now and runs until January 26th. You can register for the Microsoft Rewards program here.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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