Publisher Xitilon told to reverse easy achievement changes for some of its games

By Sean Carey,
In recent months you may have noticed that achievements in games published by Xitilon, such as Pixel Gladiator and Castle of No Escape, had been updated to make them significantly easier to unlock. Now, the publisher has been told by Microsoft that it's broken the platform holder's rules regarding Xbox achievements and is now working to reverse all changes made.


Xitilon told TrueAchievements that Microsoft had been in touch with the publisher about the changes, stating that Xitilon had broken one of its rules set out in its achievements policy. This rule states that achievements must not have their unlock rules changed after they've been published. "Microsoft contacted us about the achievements changes in some of the games I publish. It turned out it was against one very specific rule, which I did not notice way back then," Xitilon said. "I [am] personally working overtime, and on this weekend, to revert all of the related achievements to their initial state."

According to Xitilon, the following games will have their base achievement lists changed back to how they were when first published:
Edit: Smart Moves will also have its achievement requirements reverted. Xitilon also wants to clarify that those who have already unlocked soon to be reverted achievements, will not lose the achievement or Gamerscore when the changes go into effect.

These games will have their achievement requirements reverted on January 9th. If you're an achievement hunter, and you want the easy Gamerscore, you may want to play through these games now before the changes come into place. Xitilon says that achievements in title updates will remain untouched, "Non-base achievements, which were added in title updates, will remain as they are — they don't violate anything."

This month, eight Xitilon-published games have received easy title updates worth 1,000G each. Bullet Beat, Smart Moves, 50 Years, Dark Grim Mariupolis, ReactorX, The Explorer of the Night, Castle of no Escape, and Castle of no Escape 2 are all now worth either 2000G and in some cases 3000G. These games take less than 30 minutes each to complete.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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