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By Rebecca Smith,
Most Americans will be setting off fireworks and stuffing themselves with food today in an effort to celebrate Independence Day. Digital Reality has a slightly different take on things. They are encouraging players to celebrate July 4th by "Planting a Flag in a Zombie’s A$" in their upcoming tactical defence XBLA game Dead Block. Unfortunately, the game hasn't been released yet, so in preparation for the belated celebrations, the developer has instead listed the top three ways that would-be zombie exterminators can "get their kill on".

The first method is one of Foxy Brown's specialist traps, the "Bomb Trap". Here are her words of wisdom:
Bomb Trap

When it comes to 4th of July grilling, don’t forget that we now live in the atomic age so use nuclear power to heat up your hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers, or whatever you may want to throw on the grill. Nuclear power is exceptionally handy when taking out hordes of zombies, so don’t be afraid to put the kibosh on their advances, nuclear-style!
Next up, we have one of Jack Foster's specialities, the "Frost Trap". Here is his advice:
Frost Trap

July can get hot. Like, REALLY hot. So, make extra sure that you stay cool by outfitting your doorways and windows with cold air tanks, freezing any would-be intruders for easy smashing.
The final highlighted trap is one of Mike Bacon's specialities, the "Sunbed Trap". This is his advice:
Sunbed Trap

Get a sweet tan this Fourth of July using a state-of-the-art sun bed. Not only does it grant you a golden skin-tone like the sun-kissed Adoni of the shores of Jersey, but sunlight has the added perk of frying your rotting invaders before they have the chance to disrupt your pool party.
Dead Block is due to be released this Wednesday, July 6th, and will cost 800 MSP.

We've got the full list of Dead Block achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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