Dragon Age 4 has a new piece of concept art

By Heidi Nicholas,
Details on the next Dragon Age are few and far between, leaving Dragon Age fans eagerly awaiting any new piece of information. It looks like it could be a while before we get some more substantial news, since the behind-the-scenes look at the game we had last year focused mainly on concept art and interviews with devs, followed by a cinematic teaser a few months later. Luckily, Christian Dailey, executive producer at Bioware, has shared another new piece of concept art to tide us over, sending fans into full speculation mode.

Dragon Age 4

Dailey tweeted the image along with a New Year message: "Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone. I hope all are safe and well. Here's to new beginnings... " Over in the Dragon Age subreddit, players are discussing the idea of an arcane archer with magical weapons. We don't yet know too much about the character in this concept art — we did see an archer use what looked like a similar bow in last year's teaser trailer, but they were dressed in different armour and with a different helmet. However, the favourite theory at the moment is that Dragon Age 4 could take place in Tevinter, and fans think this would be the chance for more of a crossover with magic in combat. Others are noting that the figure in the concept art above is heavily armoured but with bare feet, suggesting it could be an ancient elf.

BioWare is keeping Dragon Age details close to its chest, but we'll let you know when we hear more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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