Dead by Daylight's latest developer update outlines the game's upcoming changes

By Heidi Nicholas,
There are a number of changes on the way to Dead by Daylight, including a new HUD layout and graphics updates for two realms. Behaviour Interactive has detailed everything over on a recent forum post, and in the video below:

One of the biggest upcoming changes is the HUD update. According to the devs, "we’ve all got some fond memories of the in-game HUD, but after four years of additions, we felt that it was time to rebuild it from the ground up." The HUD will have a new layout, character portraits showing the face of the Survivor, a hook counter for Survivors — "who's been hooked, who hasn't, and who can't afford to be hooked again" — and a hook progress meter for Killers, and options to scale the UI.

One gameplay update brings changes to The Clown, such as a new throwable: the Afterpiece Antidote. It releases a gas when thrown, which boosts anyone in the area with 10% extra movement speed for a few seconds, and cures the effects of the Afterpiece Tonic. The devs have also "revisited Survivor animations... to switch to more realistic and fluid animations." Meanwhile, matchmaking ratings are on the way back, and rank rewards will also be implemented — you will earn Bloodpoints based on which rank you've reached before being reset to 20 every month. You can earn these Bloodpoints for both roles, as Behaviour Interactive says reaching rank 1 for both Killer and Survivor will net you 500,000 Bloodpoints. Lastly, the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum realms will be getting graphics updates. Those look to be the biggest changes coming to Dead by Daylight, but there are also a number of quality of life changes on the way to the game. It looks like a big year for Dead by Daylight, and we'll be sure to keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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