Bethesda's Todd Howard's "main focus" remains TES6 & Starfield despite producing Indy game

By Heidi Nicholas,
Bethesda's Todd Howard has been confirmed as executive producer for the upcoming Indiana Jones game. He's also directing Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, two of Bethesda's biggest upcoming games. It seems like a pretty hefty workload, but Pete Hines, Senior VP of marketing and PR at Bethesda, says Howard's "main focus" is still directing Starfield and TES6, which "aren't affected" by Howard also working on the Indy game.

Since we've been waiting for TES6 and Starfield for such a long time — and will probably be waiting for a while yet — some players were worried about which game would get most focus now that the new Indiana Jones game is also on the way. Hines tweeted (thanks, IGN) in response to those fans who were worrying about how Howard's focus might be split while working on three such massive games, and reassured them that Starfield and TES6 will be unaffected.

All we know about the new Indiana Jones game so far, aside from the fact that Howard will be executive producer, is that it's in development from MachineGames. We also had a brief teaser trailer showing Indiana Jones' iconic hat and whip on a table strewn with his adventuring equipment. It looks like it's still early days for the Indy game, but it has been some time since we heard anything about Starfield or, dare we say it, TES6. Perhaps 2021 could be our year — we'll keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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