Captain America: Super Soldier Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith,
SEGA Europe has released a handful of screenshots showcasing some of the enemies that Captain America will encounter in his upcoming film tie-in Captain America: Super Soldier. The third-person action game will see players take on the role of Captain America during World War II as he battles the Red Skull and his army.

The first screenshot showcases multiple baddies as Captain America drops in to pay them a visit.

Screenshot 1

Next we have Helmut Gruler, a German soldier who wears a suit of armour created by Professor Franz Schneider to help with the fight against the Allied soldiers. Under the alias of the Iron Cross, Gruler can cause a lot of trouble with his superhuman strength and the ability to fly using his boot jets.

Iron Cross

The third enemy is Arnim Zola, a master of biochemistry and one of the first human genetic engineers. He specialises in cloning and the creation of mutants after finding papers and equipment used by the Deviants. His experiments are funded by the Red Skull, leading to many confrontations with Captain America.

Arnim Zola

Talking of the Red Skull, it would be a little remiss of SEGA if they didn't introduce us to Captain America's prime target. In the lore of Captain America, the Red Skull is a name shared by two characters, although players are most likely to encounter Johann Schmidt, the man considered to be the true Red Skull. Schmidt is Hitler's right-hand man and is the head of the Nazi espionage and sabotage activities of terrorism.

Red Skull

Captain America: Super Soldier is due to be released on July 14th in Australia, July 15th in Europe, and July 19th in North America.

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