Xbox 360 Cloud Storage Now Live [UPDATE]

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago

TrueAchievements, or more specifically I, was fooled along with countless other prolific games, tech and gadget websites regarding the availability of Microsoft's cloud storage solution. Microsoft have since stated that cloud storage is not yet available anywhere on Xbox LIVE, thus debunking the articles circulating the internet. Releasing a statement to Joystiq, a Microsoft spokesperson said:

Just confirmed that the [cloud storage] service has not gone live yet. We'll keep you posted on launch details.
My apologies for this misleading article, and it does lead one to wonder where this story originated from as it managed to propagate like wildfire across all major news outlets. More news on this when the service officially launches.

Original Story

Before we begin, allow me to refer you back to my original geek article on my perceived benefits and a background to cloud storage, the current trend spreading far and wide across the internet and homes across the world.

As my previous article mentions, Microsoft first announced their idea of replacing your old fashioned (and ultimately destructible and mis-placeable) USB pen drives with a cloud based solution at E3 2011. The idea has clearly been quickly detailed and implemented within Microsoft as they have now announced that cloud storage on your Xbox 360 is live.

Unfortunately for those eager early adopters, the service is currently limited to selected Xbox Live Arcade titles only. Presumably this is to test the additional demand likely to be placed upon Microsoft's servers and to identify any potential kinks in the system before entrusting your progress towards Seriously 2.0 to the cloud.

These selected XBLA titles will now allow you to download your saved games at any console where you log in to Xbox Live and instantaneously resume your progress. Pretty nifty eh? Alas, I wish I could provide you with a definitive list of of XBLA supporting cloud saves, but at the moment, such a list isn't officially available.

Moving beyond the XBLA support, the cloud also provides a new home for MSP, friends lists, profiles and achievements. This makes getting online fast at a friends house a lot easier of course, so anyone who has endured the process of a profile recovery will no doubt be happy enough on that front alone.

You'll know if you're going to be able to start taking advantage of these features as you'll have been prompted to download a small update to your Xbox console. Availability is being gradually rolled out, so if you're anxious to try it out and don't have access yet, sit tight. It'll likely be with you soon.

If you've received access, let us know in the comments how it's working for you!