SoulCalibur V Character Teasers

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Namco-Bandai's latest entry in the SoulCalibur franchise is already making waves with the promise of a new story in the saga of the two cursed swords. Going along with the new story comes new characters, only two of whom we have met, Pyrrha and Patroklos. Namco-Bandai released images of two more characters that will be appearing in SoulCalibur V, but we do not know if they are new characters or returning characters.

In fact, we do not know much about them at all, as these are the images:

External image

External image

The first one could easily be my favorite, Raphael. The second might just be a returning Talim. With a currently announced roster of only four characters (Pyrrha, Patroklos, Siegfried and Mitsurugi) there is a lot of room for speculation. Remember, Namco-Bandai said that half of the cast would be comprised of new characters.

In addition to the shadowy images, the official SoulCalibur website is asking for fans to sign up and join the SoulCalibur community. Once enough people join the community, a series of incomplete sketches will be filled in, perhaps revealing even more upcoming fighters.

We will know for sure who made the cut in 2012 when SoulCalibur V hits home.