Microsoft to focus on Xbox One games for now with Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost

By Sean Carey,
Last week, Microsoft unveiled Xbox FPS Boost, a new feature for Xbox Series X|S consoles that can double frame rates of legacy Xbox titles. So far, five Xbox One games have been confirmed for the feature, and while many are hoping that some OG Xbox and Xbox 360 titles will make use of the new frame-boosting technique, it seems that Microsoft, for now, is only focussing on Xbox One games, for the time being.

Xbox FPS Boost

Speaking to the Kinda Funny Xcast podcast (via Pure Xbox), Jason Ronald, Xbox director of program management, was asked how far Microsoft would be going back into the Xbox library of games with Xbox FPS Boost. Ronald explained that not all games will work with the feature before later confirming that Xbox One games are the focus for now. "The techniques that we've come up with will not work on every title. We've actually gotten some games working, and honestly, I'm playing the game; it's super awesome; it feels great; it's buttery smooth, but then all of a sudden, we realise, oh, this character over in the corner is animating twice as fast. Or, maybe three-quarters of the way through a game, all of a sudden, we find a physics-breaking bug because the system's running the game so fast that the game doesn't actually know how to handle that.

"Right now, we're focused primarily on Xbox One generation titles because we've seen the best results there. We're still evaluating — can we bring this technology back to 360 games or OG Xbox games?"

Ronald later says we can expect new games that support the feature to be announced regularly over the coming months. "It's a really curated list of titles we'll be able to enable this on, but we have many, many more titles that are actively being tested right now, and in our expectations, we expect we'll be releasing new titles every couple of weeks over the upcoming months, but our goal is to really enhance as many games as we can," Ronald said.

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