Bethesda Announces 'Dishonored'

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
On behalf of Ohioans everywhere, let me say that many of us are still upset about LeBron James "taking his talents to South Beach" and "joining forces" with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. This sports trend, however, is now being followed by many game developers who are stockpiling big talent to publish games. Today, Bethesda and Arkane Studios have joined that list by revealing Dishonored, a new, first-person action title.

The talent behind the game is what has many insiders intrigued, as the creative team includes Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, two of the people behind Deus Ex, and Viktor Antonov the artist behind City 17 in Half-Life 2.

While details on this game are very sparse, the lads and lasses over at Game Informer have put Dishonored on the cover of their upcoming August issue and have had a chance to see the game in action.

GI's Adam Biessener raves about seeing the game in action:

Dishonored is the antithesis of a edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride. It's a game about assassination where you don't have to kill anyone. It's a game about infiltration where you can set up traps and slaughter the entire garrison of an aristocrat's mansion rather than sneak in. It's a game about brutal violence where you can slip in and out of a fortified barracks with nobody ever knowing you were there. It's a game about morality and player choice where the world you create is based on your actions, not navigating conversation trees.

Dishonored is a game we can't wait to tell you more about.
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Dishonored is currently set for a 2012 release.
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