Easy Gamerscore: The 10 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

By Sean Carey,
The Xbox and Xbox 360 sales are now live, and we've got another batch of quick completions for you. This week, we have 10 games that meet our quick completion criteria — five of which have never featured in our articles before.

As always, you'll find below links to each game's hub, where you can view achievement lists, guides, and walkthroughs. We've also dropped a direct link to the Microsoft Store should you need to pick up one of these titles for that quick, endorphin-filled Gamerscore boost.

Quickest Xbox game completions from the latest sales

Game Completion Time Average Discount Prices Store Links
Hexologic 0-1 hour 40% $2.99/£2.51 View
Brotherhood United 0-1 hour 30% $6.29/£5.24 View
Life of Fly 0-1 hour 25% $11.24/£9.36 View
Smart Moves 0-1 hour 20% $3.99/£3.35 View
Skatemasta Tcheco 0-1 hour 30% $3.49/£2.93 View
ReactorX 0-1 hour 20% $3.99/£3.35 View
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition 2-3 hours 80% $1.99/£1.59 View
Super Star Blast 2-3 hours 30% $4.89/£4.05 View
Aery - Sky Castle 1-2 hours 33% $6.69/£5.62 View
The Little Acre 1-2 hours 80% $2.59/£2.07 View


Hexologic Achievements

First up is our easiest completion of the week, Hexologic. As with most puzzle games, once solutions have been figured out for the various levels and posted online, a completion becomes very easy. It's the same case with Hexologic and its 11 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. The game can be completed in under an hour by following our Hexologic walkthrough, but it's far more enjoyable trying to work out each of the maths puzzles without it. With the guide, you're basically just shooting fish in a barrel, but who are we to stop you? You do you, friend, and get yourself a nice 1,000G added to that total of yours. Hexologic has a community rating of 3.02/5 and is on sale for $2.99/£2.51.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition


If you're looking for the most bang for your buck, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is the cheapest game on our list this week. On sale for just $1.99/£1.59, you can earn yourself 1,000 Gamerscore by unlocking all of the adventure game's 10 achievements in under three hours. While there are several story-related achievements, you'll also be contending with collectables. For this reason, we recommend you check out our Dear Esther: Landmark Edition walkthrough, which details where to find all the different voice over points and director commentary notes.

The Little Acre

The Little Acre Screens 4

Finally, our highest-rated game this week is The Little Acre, which holds a decent community rating of 3.22/5. If you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, the adventure game is included in the library and only recently joined, so you've probably got plenty of time to get around to this one. It has 27 achievements, and most are unlocked by playing through the story. However, there are numerous missable achievements and one that asks you to beat the game in under an hour. For the trickier tasks on the list, definitely check out our The Little Acre walkthrough. The Little Acre is on sale for $2.59/£2.07.

As a side note, Smart Moves and ReactorX are from Xitilon, and while both are still easy completions, they may take slightly longer to finish than the estimated completion times on TA suggest due to that funny business with Xitilon altering achievement requirements..

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.

Will you be picking up any of these titles for a quick Gamerscore boost?
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