Aliens: Fireteam gameplay shows it’s not “game over” for the Colonial Marines just yet

By Tom West,
The first in-depth look at Aliens: Fireteam gameplay is here, giving us an early look at what to expect when the game releases this summer. Cold Iron Studios is looking to put the Colonial Marines back in action, and back into players' good graces.

In an IGN First, Ryan McCaffery sits down with Craig Zinkievich (CEO, Cold Iron Studios) and Matt Highison (CCO, Cold Iron Studios) to play through one of the game's early missions set on Katanga, an orbital refinery in the Outer Rim. Aliens: Fireteam is a third person, co-op survival shooter for up to three players. It can be played alone with the addition of bots, but CI Studios says “you're going to want to be going through with your friends.” Players can choose between five different classes — Demolisher, Gunner, Technician, Doc, and Recon — that will each have their own progression and levelling systems. Players will be able to customise their class builds using cooldown abilities (Class Kits), perks, weapons and accessories. Of course, different classes mean different skill and weapon combinations. The Demolisher, for instance, has access to heavy weapons and micro rockets, whereas the Gunner uses assault rifles like the M4A1 and has access to frag grenades.

Now that we have covered the classes, let’s hop aboard the “express elevator to hell” and delve into the actual missions. Aliens: Fireteam takes place over four campaigns that contain three missions each. The campaigns will all be linked through one overall story, but will feature different environments, enemy types, and objectives. Think World War Z, but with acid-bleeding, wall-climbing, tail-whipping aliens. The general structure of each mission looks to be based around the same premise as WWZ: travel to objective area A, set up a defensive perimeter and hope for the best, then move on to the next. Between objectives, players will also engage in “hand-tuned encounters” that the devs introduced to give the game an element of randomness.

Aliens: Fireteam

Aliens: Fireteam is looking to build upon the tried-and-tested cooperative survival formula, using game mutators, or Challenge Cards as they’re called here. Players can change how each mission plays out by modifying elements such as the player's HUD, or only allowing headshot/weak point hits to deal damage. With the increased difficulty comes the reward of more XP and better loot (cosmetic or otherwise), hopefully giving the game more replayability value.

Not to be dismissed as another Left 4 Dead clone, Aliens: Fireteam is looking like the Colonial Marines mean business this time around. What was your favourite feature shown off in the video? Let us know down below!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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