Dragon Age: Origins Trailer

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago

BIoware has just released another new trailer featuring the "Dogs of War."

Link - http://www.eurogamer.pt/videos/dragon-age-origins-caes-da-gu...


Bioware has released a new trailer for the upcoming release of its new RPG title, Dragon Age: Origins. Just the title of the trailer is pushing boundaries with some groups, not to mention the content of the trailer and the implied promises of things to come. They're releasing the trailer as...are you ready?

The Cinematic Sex & Violence Trailer

I think they were going for the subtle approach there.

The trailer is rated M and requires a date of birth entry, so no cheating! Dragon Age: Origins is scheduled for a late 2009 release and, after viewing the trailer, we can only hope that there are no more publishing delays.

Check out the trailer at the external link below, but only if you are 18+.
Credit for this story goes to Crimson Drifter