Section 8: Prejudice Maps and Game Mode Incoming

By Keith Gray,
TimeGate Studios is looking to "break the laws of physics" by releasing yet more content for mega-hit shooter, Section 8: Prejudice.

The developer has announced that the title's second DLC map pack, titled "Frontier Colonies", will be released for both the Xbox 360 and PC formats of the game. The "Frontier Colonies" DLC will feature two all-new maps, which will support offline play, as well as being playable in all multiplayer modes.

The first of those maps has been aptly named Desolation, judging by this description: a parched desert world haunted by the remains of a failed colonization attempt
The second map is Overseer: home to military facilities overlooking a habitable forest valley
In addition to the latest DLC, the developer has revealed that a new multiplayer mode will also be coming soon. Skirmish looks set to bring a nice twist to the traditional team deathmatch; by awarding Victory Points for, not just kills, but completing missions too. However, gamers will be forced to think outside the box, in terms of gameplay tactics, as Control Points will not be on offer in Skirmish.

It appears that TimeGate Studios are hoping to build upon the incredible stats which we revealed on Friday.

The "Frontier Colonies" Map Pack will hit the XBLA Marketplace on July 13th, priced at 320 MSP. The PC version is set to be available from July 27th, at a cost of $3.99. The new Skirmish mode is slated for release in "Summer 2011" for the princely sum of zero.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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